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At Chicone’s Liquor Mart, we’re dedicated to bringing you a wide variety of beers and craft beers. From classic ales to wholesome lagers, porters, stouts, pilsners, and bocks, our selection here at Chicone’s will accommodate any taste. Come & examine our inventory at our store, call ahead (715-386-2223) or check out our product list.

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Having a beerpairingsdinner party and wonder what to serve with that new hoppy & bitter beer you have been meaning to try? Download this FREE guide to learn more about what beer flavors would be best-paired with game, shellfish, pork, veggies, or cheeses.

beerglassesEver wonder what is up with the different size and shape glasses beer is served in? You’ve heard of a snifter, a stein, a flute, and a goblet, but did you know they each have a specific purpose or design benefit and are used for specific beer styles. Download this free guide to learn more & sound like a trivia winner at your next get together.

beer_tasting_border_battleYour friends are always arguing that MN beer is better than WI beer.

It’s time to settle this once and for all! Join our club to download & print your FREE Border Battle Beer Tasting sheets, so you & your friends can determine once and for all which state will win bragging rights for the night.

It’s easy. Download the guide. Buy Suggested Beers from the list, as well as tasting cups and then set a date for your battle & invite your family and/or friends. Log on to our Facebook page & let us know what you think! #BeerBorderBattle

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Beer Glossary of Terms
If you are looking for a beer term, guide or glossary, take a look at this link for all things to do with beer.